Quezon City with Kuya Kim

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Hello, Lia.

Did you know you also had a brief stint in Matanglawin with Kuya Kim? I was two months pregnant with you when an ABS-CBN researcher contacted me to ask of I was willing to do a "Cats" episode on the show with our albino cat, Mr. Odd Eye. All I had to do was bathe Mr. Odd Eye in a tub on the streets. Mr. Odd Eye loved the bathing. The attention, too.

(Just in case you were wondering where Mr. Odd Eye is now, I had to give him away in the middle of the pregnancy because we had way too many cats and dogs and no house help. :( But you will be happy to know that Mr. Odd Eye is in good hands and is loved and cared for far better in his new home than he ever can be here.)

1 comment

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